Mother's Day Gift Ideas

  • By Beth Macri

Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Mother's Day is this weekend. Instead of the usual Mother's Day fare, here are some unique gift ideas for around 100 bucks.

"Our moms do everything for us, so this is the time of year that we get to celebrate them and give them something special," says gift expert Rachel Shechtman, who owns Story Boutique in Chelsea. "What we love doing at Story is finding things that are functional and beautiful, but are a little different."

What better accessory for that little black dress than the hidden message necklace by Beth Macri?

"As you can see on my neck, it's a pretty necklace and you'll say, oh that's a nice necklace," Shechtman says. "Then when you flip it up you realize it says something. This one says 'love mom.'"



Customized Necklace

from $160


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