Mathematics by Beth Macri Custom I-beam about chain gold i-beam necklace

Beth Macri’s background in structural engineering and bridge design influences the Mathematics jewelry collections. She is known for her innovative personalized jewelry designs, characterized by a clean, modern aesthetic with a timeless appeal.

All architecture that surrounds us is informed by math. And so are all the designs in every one of our collections.

Macri worked as an engineer on iconic bridges and structures in both NYC and the UK. Her background in engineering infuses her jewelry design with structural complexity, calculated and optimized with hand-crafted precision.

According to Macri, “The beauty of modern architecture is that there are many hidden complexities just outside of view.” As a jewelry designer, Macri creates collections utilizing her past work and appreciation of the unseen details. Take for instance her first collection, the I-beam necklace. Inspired by the I-beam used in steel construction, this humble shape, a simple extrusion of the capital letter I, is the ideal intersection of lightness and strength. The purpose has been shifted and the size has been scaled down, taking something industrial and utilitarian and creating something luxurious and meaningful.

Beth Macri designs with bold intent, allowing us to see form in a new light: original, enduring beauty engineered to celebrate what matters most to you. Crafted with precious metals and stones, Mathematics jewelry is forged with love in NYC.